ISRAEL CHAMBI, M.D., FACS- Neurological Surgeon

Diplomate American Board of Neurological Surgery

THE BRACHIAL PLEXUS AND PERIPHERAL NERVE INSTITUTE            brain, spinal and nerve repair


Our Mission

The Mission of the Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Institute is to serve the healthcare needs of the community.

The Institute's strong belief in the intrinsic dignity of each person's commitment to provide health care for the whole person - body, mind and spirit, by collaborating with physicians and other healthcare providers to improve their health care needs.

Compelling Patient Testimony


  • "Following the operation, the pain in my left leg essentialy disappeard, and I regained the strength in my left leg, over a period of several weeks, my back pain also disappeared..."
    Eduardo Rodriguez
    Patient Walking Normally
  • "...I stop to thank God and Dr. Israel Chambi....After 11 hrs of transplanting arteries and veins, Dr. Chambi continued to watch my child and her progress as if she was his own. ..."
    Mary Diek
    Satisfied and Thankful Mom
  • "In the forty years of my life, I have undergone many surgeries and procedures and have been under the care of numerous physicians. As far as I am concerned, you are one of the f..."
    Bryna Golden
    Grateful Patient

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